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About the Grasshopper


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The Grasshopper was established in 2016 as a prepared meal delivery service in Brooklyn, NY and quickly evolved into a pop-up vendor at trade shows, concerts and art events all around New York City . After a long, gradual relocation to Trumansburg, NY in 2020, the Grasshopper joined the Trumansburg farmers market as a food vendor and began offering cooking classes locally. The owner Chef, “Joy” has worked in farm-to-table restaurants since 2010 and also works as a sous chef locally. 


The mission of the Grasshopper is and has always been to provide truly healthy and uncompromisingly  delicious meals using the finest ingredients available. Luckily for you Trumansburg has fine ingredients in spades! 


The Grasshopper’s menu is constantly adapting to the seasons. The food has a foundation of Thai culinary arts but our offerings are frequently experimental, combining the bounty of our region with the creativity and taste of an expert Thai pallet.

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